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Rollins Marine and Caravan Services supply and fit Marina Pedestals and Marina over different specifications of service pedestals and hook up units.
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The pedestal is manufactured from a polyethylene chassis which holds the Pedestals provide boat owners with access to electricity and water supply. Unique feature of our pedestals is white colored lid.

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When it gets dark, it can function as lighting system. We supply power pedestals of T4 and T6 types to boat clubs, marinas, boatyards and private piers, including installation. Our pedestals combine design and functionality: Is the XL version of our SL model. Description Generally used to durably equip boatyards and fishing ports, the GESI stainless steel marine pedestal is the toughest in its class. It is able to supply electric power and water simultaneously, and is quick Description This stainless steel pedestal , designed to serve small and medium-sized boats, is able to supply electric power and water simultaneously.

Its compact dimensions facilitate space management on narrow jetties. Our pedestal is quick to install and easy to use.

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Leonardo is the new service pedestal that turns its cost in an incredible income opportunity for marinas and improves the way you manage your own boat. Leonardo is a service pedestal that provides you: FIN range also incorporates an SOS pedestal , a sanitation pump-out pedestal , and electric vehicle charging pedestal.

Host to a variety of electrical services, contained in a compact yet strong housing, the Newport Harbor Mate is packed Tailor-made stainless steel pedestals for electricity and water distribution.

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Learning from our previous port experience relative to stainless steel enclosures, we can propose various customizations and Service channels This multi-purpose system provides easier access to services. Lights, service terminals, emergency pedestals , fire stations and other accessories can easily be connected to the covers. The award winning Atlantis offers a truly innovative design to compliment any marina looking for a modern, stylish approach to the world of leisure marinas.

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We are constantly investing in the development of new products and innovative solutions for the Marina industry. To view our latest product catalogue please click on the image below. Eight ranges of electricity, water and lighting service pedestals LED combi deck lighting Sanitation pump-out systems — communal, multi-point, in-berth and mobile Electrical and water distribution systems Pre-payment electricity and water services - computer, Smartcard and coin controlled Emergency services — fire-fighting, life-saving, alarm systems SuperYacht services Customer Testimonials: